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Derby arboricultural consultant - consultancy services and tree care

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Consultancy Services

Tree Surveys and Inspections

The basis of good tree care always starts with assessing the trees and the site. This is known as a Tree Survey, or if more detailed, a Tree Inspection.

Arboricultural Reports

The nature of the report will vary depending on whether the client is a householder, large landowner or developer seeking planning permission.

Householders - this could be a brief survey of the trees in and around the property with some simple costed recommendations. This may be asked for by a lender or insurer. Sometimes these are incorrectly called a 'Tree Surgeon's Report'

Larger landowners - usually a plan based survey is necessary to plot the trees. They are numbered and then referred to in a schedule giving their species, condition and recommendations for work. This kind of survey is essential to comply with health and safety requirements in that ensuring the trees are not in a hazardous state and likely to injure third parties.

Developers and other professionals seeking planning permission - a survey compliant with BS 5837:2012 will be necessary or the planning application will not even be registered. Local Authorities are expecting a high level of tree related information at the planning application stage. For example - Tree Protection Plans, Arboricultural Implications Assessments and Method Statements on how trees are to be protected throughout the development process.

trees are not properly incorporated into a new site
The photograph above shows what can happen if trees are not properly incorporated into a new site. It could lead to prosecution or even worse a fatal accident. In this example almost 50% of the trees roots have been destroyed.

Legal Matters and Expert Witness Work

Trees can sometimes injure people and damage property. We aim to provide independent advice to assist in these matters. Trees can also be at the heart of a dispute between neighbours. We aim to provide advice to prevent high legal fees and escalating personal animosity.

Tree Planting Schemes, Landscape Design and Tree Collection Advice

Jonathan Oakes has many years experience in managing, developing and creating tree collections. His work in the restoration of Derby Arboretum was vital in ensuring the nationally important collection was properly managed and recorded.

Tree planting is essential so that future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of a varied and attractive landscape.

trees are not properly incorporated into a new site
Birch tree.

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