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Two pictures illustrating poor tree care on the top and good, modern arboriculture on the bottom (although the tree is old and sparsely foliated it has been retained for its wildlife and cultural importance).


Arboriculture in the UK

Photo of a Pagoda tree in Kew Gardens planted in 1760
Photo of a Pagoda tree in Kew Gardens planted in 1760

What is arboriculture?

Arboriculture is the science of managing and maintaining trees and shrubs for their amenity benefits. These could include -

  • Landscape (the improvement of the environment by the presence of trees either indivdually or as a group).
  • Environmental improvements through the production of oxygen, intake of carbon dioxide, filtering pollution and particulates, provision of shade and soil stabilisation.
  • Providing homes for wildlife
  • Improving our quality of life and feeling of well being!
  • Trees also have other more tangible benefits such as their timber can be used for sustainable construction, firewood and the recycling of leaves and woodchips. The benefits of trees have been well understood by generations.
  • Having trees in proximity to our homes can increase the value of the property. However, trees can also cause problems by the action of their roots and branches and diseased or dead trees can fall and cause damage to life and property.

As a home or land owner, once you employ Jonathan Oakes Tree Care you can relax knowing your trees are properly managed.

As a land manager or developer, Jonathan Oakes Tree Care will help you with your legal responsibilities and ensure you are complying with planning requirements and other legal obligations.